Thursday, April 08, 2010

Free Album on NoiseTrade

Hello friends. We're giving away Help My Unbelief in it's entirety on NoiseTrade. Please take a moment to get the record and to share it with some of your friends.

Also, the new record gets mixed in less than a month! Uber excitement for us uber nerds!

In other news, it seems that our Xmas videos offended some people. Wow.

We hope you are all well and we cannot wait for you to hear the new record!


Jason & Vanessa said...

I saw this yesterday on Noisetrade and already shared it with others (even though I already had it).

Thanks for this, we do many of yalls redone hymns at our church. (In Texas, hence why I said "yall") :D

I've been following Clint's blog and was wondering if this was yalls last record or is it just the last record Clint is on?

Thanks and soli Deo gloria!

jason d.

Red Mountain Music said...

Clint is moving to Nashville and Brian is moving to NYC. We'll likely continue to make hymn records in some capacity but it's safe to say that this will be last one with the Red Mountain moniker.

But, you never know.