Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Last night we had a rehearsal at red mountain. It was nice, and it was also very unusual for us, since we really don’t ever rehearse. Whenever we go and play somewhere we usually run through chord charts ahead of time and then just pretty much wing it and look at eachother and feel the songs out as we go. Works well for us. But for this thing at workplay next week, we went ahead and decided to have a rehearsal to try and make things sound as solid as possible.

Everyone showed up who was going to play in the band – clint, shane, brian b., connie, ashley, me. It was fun to sit in a circle and play through these songs. Is it weird that I like these songs so much? Is it weird that all of us like these songs so much? It sounded nice, and refreshing, even through a half-way setup PA, and we joked about making a live recording of some of these songs.

Clint and I decided that that is exactly what we need, more records from red mountain. 4 records in three years is not nearly enough.

And speaking of records, help my unbelief, as I understand it, is on the way to birmingham right now. We should have it by the end of the week.

Brian T. Murphy

Monday, June 19, 2006

Workplay, July 6

Well, the record may actually arrive as early as next week, which means that we will almost definitely have the new cd available for our concert / cd release party at Workplay on July 6.

Mark your calendars, and buy your tickets in advance. This event will most likely sell out. We’ve got our most exciting musical lineup ever, with Drew Holcomb opening the night, and joining us to play a couple of songs off the gadsby project. Connie Skellie will be joining us on violin, and of course, Ashley Spurling and her perfect voice.

Should be an enjoyable, encouraging evening. I look forward to it, and more than that I really look forward to people getting our new record.

See you soon.

Brian T. Murphy