Thursday, March 01, 2007


We've had quite a bit of activity lately, and have a good bit coming up. we traveled to ridgehaven a couple of weeks ago to play music for a conference of high schoolers. it was interesting being back in youth group land (a scary place for many reasons) but overall it was a really great trip. we met some amazing people, particularly enjoyed meeting some high-schoolers, and the kids seemed to resonate with our music, which was really, really cool.

I always feel a certain degree of tension when we play places because we don't talk much. like, we really don't talk much. I think I'm over-sensitive about the musician who talks way more than he sings songs (it seems like only christian musicians do that...), so I think we compensate by seriously saying nothing when we play places. the one bit of negative feedback we got from ridgehaven was that we could have perhaps talked a little bit. so I get that. but at the same time I look at the hymn text and I think, what do you want me to say?

Looking forward to traveling to huntsville, senoia, augusta, albuquerque, and possibly raleigh and ontario, canada in the coming months. thanks to everyone who has had us out, is having us out, and has come out to support us and listen to our songs. it truly is an honor to share these songs with you.

Pocta Sessions
Underway and making progress. we've got rough mixes of 8 songs, which means that we have 8 songs that still seem to need a lot of work, but we're plugging away as best we can. still deciding what this record will look like. we're thinking about going more digital (it's all digital these days) and maybe pressing less cds, and pushing people towards itunes, or downloads off our site, rather than mailing out so many cds. who knows.

Overall, I think the songs are coming together really well, and we're branching out of gadsby (gasp!) with two hymns by william williams (thanks phil, thanks rhys, for introducing us to the world of pantycelyn).

And perhaps the best part of working on the pocta sessions has been getting to work with and know benj pocta, our favorite texan. this is our first record where all the songs are based around one person's writing (all the songs on this record have either been written or co-written by benj) and it's been a good exercise in songwriting, gotten us out of our mold a little bit, and created some really great songs that would have never existed otherwise.

I guess that's it for now.

Brian T. Murphy