Saturday, November 25, 2006


November / Recording Update

it's november. it's the weekend after thanksgiving. it's nice to have a little break. we've been busy working on a number of different projects. clint and I produced a 5 song EP for Jeremy Meyer, and that wrapped up a month or so ago. I'm currently juggling several non-red mountain recording projects, and clint's been super busy working and playing live shows (he actually just got home from a 2-week tour with IG). it would be so nice if we didn't have to have day jobs! we'd have so much more time to record...

that said, things are moving forward. we've tracked a couple of basic recordings and are waiting to get together with ashley for her to lay down some vocals. I'm planning to go to nashville in january to meet with drew holcomb and his wife ellie to work on a couple of tracks, job black has been working working with me on one track, and I've been poorly and indirectly communicating with benj about getting him out to birmingham ASAP. the songs are good, so it won't take much time to pull them together. it's just a matter of coordinating schedules. I'm getting older. life just keeps getting busier I think.

Website Update

our website has gotten some pretty big additions. we've got a new section of b-sides, available for free download. these are pretty cool. basically tracks that didn't make our records but we think are still worth letting people listen too. we've also added scored sheet music for all of our songs, and re-organized our resource page so you can easily access song clips along with song sheets. we hope these new features are helpful.

Brian T. Murphy