Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Christmas Record and Some Videos and Some Other Things

Greetings! It's been quite a while since we've posted anything. I know that all 3 of you (my mom included) who anxiously check this blog daily for updates have been incredibly disapointed. But alas, I am here and I have some nerdy hymn news.

1. We are in the final stages of completing our Christmas record which is due out Octover 1. It is a beautiful record of familiar advent hymns that we've talked about doing for years. Ashley is singing the entire thing, which is something else we've wanted to experiment with before. There will probably be some more updates in the coming weeks about that.

2. We've been having some fun with video cameras built into Macintosh computers. You can visit our YouTube page and subscribe to our videos and leave comments and even make your own videos in response. Imagine that! The videos allow you to meet some of the musicians who participate on the records, take a peek into what recording is like with us, and witness rival members of the production team as they take digs at one another through the non-violent video medium.

3. We've done a podcast interview with Trevin Wax. Clint, Brian and Ashley answer questions about the music and the Broadway production of a hymn-based war epic they have written. They also tell jokes and laugh at things.

4. Our last record, This Breaks My Heart of Stone, is now on itunes with the rest of our records. However, you can purchase all of our music digitally (and without the hassle of machine number limits) at our website.

5. Three of Clint's hymns (Calmer of My Troubled Heart, Long Have I Heard, Remember Me) are on Matthew Smith's latest EP, Love Shall Never Die: The Road Sessions Volume II. Clint also jammed on some guitars on that record and maybe helped produce it a little bit. You can dlwonload the record for FREE over here.

Hope everyone is well.