Tuesday, March 07, 2006

one more week of recording

well it's really late, and clint and I just wrapped up a night of recording. we do this a lot. it's probably one of our last recording nights for this record. we're trying to finish up everything this week, and then the plan is to start post-production next week. most of the songs feel pretty much done, and we're mostly just adding finishing touches to them and tweaking certain parts. I feel really good about where most of the record is landing. At this point I am just really excited about finishing it up so people can finally hear it.

since san francisco, I made a trip out to atlanta and recorded final vocal tracks with matthew terrell. his voice keeps getting better, and he sings on several songs for this new record. always fun to see matt. then last week we recorded most of the string parts. connie skellie did an excellent job, as always, and she's great at coming up with parts and adding her own unique style. the violins are really nice. I finished up most of the pianos for the record this week, and then spent the entire weekend editing everything. tonight clint and I met and started wrapping everything up, and gathering our thoughts for post production.

It's going to be really fun to start hearing these songs come together in the mix. This record is so incredibly close to being finished. I can't believe we've been working on it for over a year.

It is 3:45 am. I'm going to sleep now.

Brian T. Murphy