Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Record Update, Etc.

Greetings hymn nerds!

I just wanted to let you all know that we’ve started working on our new hymn record. We’ve settled on most of the songs and have basic tracks for several of them. A few weeks ago a friend of ours, Thad Cockrell, came and recorded a pretty tune called “To Thee I Come.” While he was here we also wrote and recorded another tune with him. If you haven’t heard any of Thad’s music please check out his EP “To Be Loved.”

Another song we’ve recorded for this record (The Secret Place) is a song Brian and I wrote before The Gadsby Project. Time warp. We have so many like it just sitting around waiting to be recorded.

We are busier than ever with other projects (playing in bands, producing records, taking photographs, friendships) and Ashley is getting ready to have another baby, so things are moving slowly. But the work we have been able to do has been very exciting and, as usual, we feel like we’re working on our best record yet.

Since nobody buys CD’s anymore (does anyone even know what a CD is?) we’re trying to come up with creative ways to get our music to you people. We’ve got some exciting ideas, so check in with us as you may get a treat soon.

Brian and I have been on a Motown kick the last few months. Maybe our next record will sound like Gladys Knight and the Pips. That would actually be incredible.

We’ve made some updates to our website regarding CCLI, news, and bookface stuff so please swing by there and check it out. Oh and we’ll be cranking out some new, ultra serious videos again real soon.

Peace and love and hugs and pizza,



cat said...

be entertained

Brian T. Murphy said...

the secret place. that could be a good title for the next record.

Tim Sharpe said...

I still like having a physical CD. Even though I usually just rip it to my computer and load it on my MP3 player (non-Pod), I still like the idea of an old-fashioned CD.

But then I also just d/led Christopher Miner's new album, as it would have been another $12 and 4 days wait-time for a physical CD. So I'm a liar, I guess.

mathieu k. said...

And I like ethermedia (a word I've apparently just invented). By my guess, downloads are environmentally less costly than the fabrication, production, and shipping of physical discs.

In totally other news, The Cyber Hymnal™ is now at , and the second and third link in your post don't work.

Daniel Hames said...

Ah... 'To Thee I Come' is a lovely tune. Glad to hear it's being done, boys!

Anonymous said...


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Chris said...

Thank you very much for posting your album "Help My Unbelief" on Noisetrade. I'm just listening through it for the first time and am loving every bit of it. Sometimes my heart grows cold to Christian music, but I like the raw feel of this music. May the Lord bless you all. Thanks for your work!!!

Do you all have a mailing list? If so, please look me up on my site and let me know how to get on it :-)