Thursday, October 04, 2007

mix one is done

after a week of editing, a final push on tracking, and basic mixing, we have our first rough mix of the pocta sessions / "this breaks my heart of stone" record. I started listening back to it at around 3am last night, and then I started falling asleep in the middle of songs.

we're taking a break. I'm headed to san francisco. Paul is headed to Nashville. Clint is getting settled in a new house.

we're going to reconvene early next week and continue on. we might have final mixes for this record as early as next week. which would of course be totally awesome.

-Brian T. Murphy


Benj said...

Dying to hear this.

Harvey said...

RM is coming to The Gospel Man Conference in March 28-29, 2008...
and we are so pumped about that ! Thanks guys !