Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Recycled Holiday Gift and Some Bulleted Statements That Don't Wound

Hello everyone. Greetings from us here in Birmingham, AL. Just some quick updates from the Red Mountain Music front in the ever popular bullet statement format (I love bullet statements. Seriously, you should all capitalize on any opportunities you have to use them. Like grocery lists or holiday gift wishes or how many times you've floated in space).

  • As Brian pointed out before we have some of our B-Sides on the website now. Among those B-sides is a Christmas hymn we recorded last year (i think?) called "The Sweet Well of Bethleham." It was written by Matt Welch and it might be the prettiest song we've ever recorded. So check that out.
  • We're still (slowly) fleshing out the Pocta Sessions stuff. Trying to find some direction for it.
  • There's a band called The Spots comprised of Red Mountain musicians that we're trying to put some more energy into. Look for a record around summer of 2007. If you like the instrumental tracks on the Red Mountain records then you would probably like the Spots.
  • I'll be leading worship Red Mountain style (I don't even know what that means really) at Ridgehaven in North Carolina next week. That should be interesting. We'll also have the full band out there next Feb.
  • There's also a sale on all of our records at the site so check that out too and point your friends towards it. Thanks for the support.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Red Mountain Music.


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