Tuesday, October 24, 2006

october update

it’s been quiet here. we know. we’re buried in songs and digging our way out, trying to figure out what to do. two things on the horizon for red mountain music:

1. website update – we are currently working on a small overhaul for our website. we are re-organizing it to make it easier to access resources like song clips and music sheets / chord charts. also, over the years we have collected a number of recordings that haven’t made it to any of our records, but we still feel like are pretty good songs, so we are going to be posting a section of red mountain “b-sides” for free download off of our website.

2. pocta sessions – last night clint and I got together with ashley spurling via cell phone conferene call (the best way to communicate, ever). we got keys for several songs that we want her to sing, and then began laying down basic tracks for 967 and 1022 out of the gadsby hymnal (shocker, we know, red mountain people working on more songs out of gadsby). 967 is my personal favorite out of this new batch of songs. it is upbeat, very singable, one of the most exciting songs we’ve written in awhile.

I have no idea what our timeline is for anything right now, but hopefully we can plug away and start knocking out some of these pocta songs. I think we should be able to wrap up tracking within a few months. benj, we need to get together again so that you can be on this record which bears your name.

Brian T. Murphy


Benj said...

I love the B-sides idea.

967 and 1022 are high on my list of favorites.

We'll talk about a good time for me to come out again. I can't wait.

Ken Haynes said...

Thanks for update....

Appreciate you posting more clips and looking forward to the new Gadsby stuff.

DF continues to incorp your Gadsby stuff in our worship gatherings and we are richer for it. Thanks for infusing Gadsby DNA into us.

Peter said...

I can't wait to hear what you guys will do with 1022!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to your next project. I picked up The Gadsby Project and Help My Unbelief recently. They are fantastic! Can't wait to hear the B-sides too.

God bless,

Trevin Wax

Sam S said...

Brian, I love your music and the lyrics. I am so thankful for Red Mountain and can't wait for the next batch of songs. We sing Red Mountain's stuff in our church and have been very blessed by it. Please keep up the great work!

ersatz said...

have any attempts been made on 811?

redmountainmusic said...

Hmm...not that I know of. YOu got something cooking?


ersatz said...

possibly. i totally dig the lyrics. the third stanza is really cool and i don't get the fourth but i like it. i'm coming to the big city soon and i'm sure i'll see you.