Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Pocta Sessions (An Uncanny and Uncharted Speed In Hymn Rewriting)

A couple of weeks ago Brian and I invited our friend Benj Pocta to come visit us from his native land of Dallas, Texas. We first met Benj (that's him to your right by the way lounging in a cornfield) over a year ago through the interweb and our shared interest in Gadsby's Hymns. We figured there can't be too many nerds like us who love that hymnal so we better become friends. Well, we did. And it turns out Benj is a fantastic writer. He contributed three songs on Help My Unbelief (The Christian's Hope Can Never Fail, The Gospel Is Good News Indeed, and Draw My Soul).

So we invited him back to do some writing. By the end of the weekend we had written 15 new hymns and recorded 3 new ones written alone before the sessions. So, with a total of 18 hymns ready to be recorded, we're a little stuck on how to proceed. We just released our last record, Help My Unbelief, a few months ago.

A proposed idea for The Pocta Sessions is to record two EP's and distribute the songs exclusively as mp3's on our website. We've never really done anything like that before so it's an exciting option. Or we could just record stripped down versions of the songs and put out another record before the year is over. You see, we don't want you guys to get tired of us and hate us. But at the same time we can't quit writing these songs and, because we think they belong to the church, we are quite anxious to get them recorded and in your hands. We're open to suggestions, so throw us some feedback.

We don't update this often (hey in the time it took me to write this we could have written 37 more hymns!!) so we just wanted you all to know that we're still working and staying busy with the music. Brian and I have been recently pursuing producing other projects for people, but I think we're ready to start getting these new songs out. Thanks for reading.



Tim said...

This sounds really exciting. I always love to hear new hymn tunes. My personal thought is that posting rather simple demo MP3s of new songs wouldn't stop people from buying full studio CDs later - and I don't think I'll be sick of your writing/playing any time soon. But I'm an American, and therfore I always think that more is better...especially when it comes to music!

Peter said...

I can't wait to hear the new stuff you guys have to offer. Keep up the sweet work!

terry said...

me too! me too!

i can't wait either!!

Benj said...

I thought I commented on this already.

I think either of the options would be really cool, though I'd lean toward an actual physical CD just because I like to hold things.

Travis said...

I think that you should record them and put the on the site as mp3's. Set up a paypal donation link for those that wish to contribute.

Or an even better option would be to put out them out exclusively on vinyl.

Brian T. Murphy said...

thanks everyone. travis that's actually something we've thought about, but it's also nice for people to have a booklet with the hymn text in it. that's pretty important. but I'd love to just post mp3's and let people download songs...