Wednesday, May 31, 2006

help my unbelief

I was at my parents house earlier this week, visiting with some of my family for memorial day. I have 12 nieces and nephews, and 4 of them were there, and between eating a warm meal, laughing with my family, wresting with children on the floor, holding a baby in my arms, helping my mom clear the table, and holding a child's tiny hands as she practiced walking, we talked about what is going on in each of our lives.

At one point, I was asked about this new record, and I gave brief, quick details, because in a large family you can't talk for long before people start to get bored and stop paying attention. Dad asked me what this new record was going to be called and I told him "help my unbelief", and the table got really quiet, I guess because everybody sort of resonated with that record title, especially considering what these old hymns are about, and especially considering how my little shred of belief that I have in Jesus needs all the help it can get.

What a beautiful idea. I have this image I can't get out of my head. this image of me in the ocean, swimming. but I'm not swimming, I'm trying to stay alive, and I'm doing it by swimming down into the water to my death. but I can't go very far at all before Jesus drags me back to the surface for air. this process goes on and on I think for my entire life. It's like everything that I do is death, and everything that is life is because of Jesus.

I don't know if any of that makes any sense, and I don't know or particularly care about how theologically accurate any of that is. It's just what I think about when I think about unbelief.

The cd mixes are done, and mastering is taking a little longer than expected. artwork is coming together nicely due to the wonderful and diligent work of our patient and talented friend justin pocta. Everything is in order for us to have the cd available by the middle of July. Thanks for being patient with us as we try and finish this one up. I am very eager for everyone to hear these songs.

We are so close.

Brian T. Murphy

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