Wednesday, February 22, 2006

recording in san francisco

Clint and I just a day ago returned home from san francisco. we were out there recording two of the last songs on our list for this new record. this has been a great trip. we spent all day saturday in the studio, sunday morning we sat in with karl and played music at city church san francisco, and then we spent the rest of our time seeing some of the city (mostly sitting in traffic) and visiting with the digerness boys.

we came out here to visit our friends karl and joseph, and record some music with them. karl has written some songs for our records in the past (satisfied and there is a fountain off of depth of mercy) joseph is a good friend who was formerly at red mountain before leaving the south for his brother on the west coast. we miss him. good to see them both, and we really think we recorded some really great new songs on this visit. we did 386 and 281 out of the gadsby hymnal.

another cool part of the trip was sitting in and playing music with karl on sunday morning. red mountain is in many ways modeled after city church, so it was cool to check out the church and the city. san francisco is cooler than pretty much anywhere in the south, so it was really refreshing.

clint has some ideas about western christian culture as compared to southern christian culture (in a nutshell, being on the west coast is very refreshing) (I hate nutshells), and he may post them later.

for now, here are some lovely photos for your viewing pleasure. and did we mention that this new gadsby record is shaping up very nicely?

Brian T. Murphy


Rae Whitlock said...

Thanks for the update, Brian. Looking forward to Gadsby 2.

Anonymous said...

wow. I didn't think anyone read this blog. your welcome, rae. hopefully gadsby 2 will be ready very soon.


Benj said...

Ah, Karl <>Digerness<>. I've been doing his tune to "There is a Fountain" the past few weeks with the youth group I do music with. I love that tune.

I am also very glad to hear 281 will be on the record. Sounds like you guys are just about finishing up. Is that right?

Danielle said...

I love the pic of Clint holding the baby... such a natural! ;)

Liz Wells said...

i think clint is trying to tell me something through these pictures...

Brian T. Murphy said...

benj - yes we are getting really close.

danielle - very natural indeed.

liz - no secret messages. just a baby in the room that clint decided to hold.

Sam S said...

Brian, I am a pastor in the SF Bay Area (on the Oakland side) and I love your music. If you're ever back in town, can you let me know?